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Summer Registration

Runs Tuesday June 11 and runs through Friday August 16.  Kids Club Summer C.A.M.P is closed June 19, July 4 & 5.  *Summer locations are Centennial, Centerville and Rice Lake.  Space will be limited at each site.   Kids Club will provide optional care August 19-22 at limited sites. More information regarding these days and sign up will be available in June to those that are registered to attend this summer.

Summer Calendars with field trips and activities will be available (emailed to those attending and posted online) by June 1.

Enrollment for the 2024 Kids Club Summer C.A.M.P. will occur with registration lottery windows.  All registrations received during that window have equal chance at being accepted.  Registrations will be accepted based on space.  

If a window fills, or there is not enough space for all received registrations:

All registrations received in that window will be randomized and accepted as space allows.  

Registrations that are not accepted:

  1. Will be placed on a wait list in random order.  
  2. All windows moving forward will have contracts randomized and placed on the wait list in that random order.

Contracts are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Prior participation in Kids Club does not guarantee placement next school year, but registering in the correct window increases those chances. 

Students planning to attend Kindergarten through grade 6 and are able to use the restroom independently are eligible for Kids Club Summer C.A.M.P. 

To register for Kids Club follow the link to our online registration system HERE.  

Thank you for your interest in Kids Club. If you have questions, please contact Dawn at or 763-792-6193.



Register for Kids Club C.A.m.p.


Kids Club C.A.M.P. Calendars  (calendars will be available by June 1.)

Centennial Elementary Summer Calendars (subject to change)


Centerville Elementary Summer Calendars (subject to change)


Rice Lake Elementary Summer Calendars (subject to change)